Sandwich Passion – Who Knew Young Men Had So Much?

Our Canada Bread client came to Cundari with a fun challenge: let’s engage a totally new target – young men.

We started with Canada Bread’s insights into young men and sandwiches.  More and more of them were buying their sandwiches at QSRs, thereby taking a bite out of market share.  The goal was to get young men back into their kitchens making sandwiches.

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Creative integration - not matching set of luggage

Gotta love clients who understand:

  1. that creative integration doesn’t need to mean a matching set of luggage;
  2. that we need to entertain them to engage them.

Our Canada Bread client team had an existing :30 TV spot to increase awareness of the new brand offering, Villaggio an Italian-style bread.  They came to Cundari with the challenge to build off the TV platform (Villaggio, it’s the one word of Italian everyone should know) and create something engaging for the digital environment.

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Jamieson Sub-brand Launch

We continue to build on our sales-driving Purity is Priceless brand platform.  This spot launches Jamieson’s new sub-brand OmegaRED.TM

Our hero product is OmegaREDTM Super Krill and we tell the story of sourcing the key active ingredients from the purest oceans.  We've also evolved the platform to introduce health benefits with strong claims based on clinical studies.

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Trip Advisor Rejects Brand Evangelist

It’s a question I’m often asked by clients – how can we control user submitted content?  Generally, I advise the client not to micro-manage customers and let them share freely.  If they bring up problems, respond and resolve the issue publicly so everyone can see that the brand cares about real people.  If they bring up an issue that isn’t easy to deal with, consider it insight and do something about it.

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