Transform Healthcare Training With Video and Social

Invest in Kids’ mission is to transform the way Canadian parents are educated and supported. Invest in Kids translates the science of parenting into engaging, easy-to-understand, relevant resources for parents and professional Practitioners.   They came to Quizative to create an innovative community for a professional audience.


Create the first ever online community for Practitioners working with First Nations and Inuit families.

Strategy and execution:

Create an online social community using best practice social media tools and multi-media educational material with a unique site experience:

1) Site Cheerleader

There is an Invest in Kid expert who is the group leader.  Her name is Kris and she leads the Practitioners in dialogue about hot topics.

She emcees homepage features, Professional Development topics, and some Ask an Expert features.

2) Accessible Experts

The Practitioner has access to a variety of Invest in Kids experts – through one-on-one questions, discussion forums and their multi-media content available 24/7.

3)  Camaraderie and Connection

The Home Care Visitors dialogue with one another through discussion forums.  They are also able to share learnings, post their own tools and write blogs.

4)  Real Life Learning

Professional development is presented with multi-media: video, podcasts, presentations and other resource materials.  Recent workshops have included:

  • Active Play: Preschooler
  • Addiction and Substance Abuse
  • Why Talk About Breastfeeding Before Baby Arrives?


The goal was to get 25% of the ENTIRE Practitioner universe as active members.  We currently have 81% of the Practitioners actively engaged.