CMC digital driver

Quizative launched Canadian Management Centre's innovated site to drive sales of best-in-class business management training. Challenge:

CMC is a leader in professional development and training.  Due to escalating costs and diminishing responsiveness DM was no longer delivering acceptable ROI.

The existing site was a reliable workhorse but needed a complete redesign to accommodate the fastest growing part of their business, targeting high value prospects for corporate solutions, and to realize their new branding.  We also needed to create a social media strategy and ensure the site worked with these new channels as well as the old search channels.


We defined two hero customers who represented the needs of the key customers:

  • The individual customer looking to improve specific skills and find a single course solution.
  • The higher value prospect looking for talent solutions across their organization.


Leverage the site as the hub of an integrated communications ecosystem including digital, paper, telemarketing and events.  Create streams for generating leads and driving conversion.


  • On-demand added value content used for lead gen.
  • Benefit demonstrated in videos through customer testimonials and corporate messaging.
  • Peer-2-peer reviews to drive conversion.
  • E-commerce to close the sale.


Double digit lift for sales conversions.  Exponential increase of leads.