Jameson product ad

In 2011, Quizative created a new brand platform for Jamieson Vitamins, based on the brand promise of purity.  We rolled out the campaign in TV, digital, point of sale and PR.  The campaign drove record sales.  This year, we’re rolling out a product campaign for FluShieldTM.


Jamieson Vitamins is the market leader in natural supplements and their range of cold & flu products are strong sellers (Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc, Garlic).  However, their hero cold & flu product, FluShieldTM, is not the category leader.  This season we are going to steal market share.


We know that the consumer cares about with what she and her family are consuming.  That’s why she chooses natural health supplements.  The success of our purity platform proves that we struck an emotional chord and created a connection between the brand and the consumer.


We built on the brand purity platform.  We tell the story of Jamieson Vitamins’ finding the best pure, natural ingredient to fight cold & flu in a special strain of Echinacea in Verona Italy.


The campaign is rolling out in TV, digital (site, banner ads, pre-roll video ads, search, Facebook ads), point of sale, PR, email.  The TV spot features the hero FluShield and also includes a :10 tag to promote the full category line up.


The campaign launched October 29, 2012.  Results pending.