Educate while entertaining

I can now say I’ve done a campaign starring a puppet. His name is Sheldon.

Why a puppet for a campaign targeting adults in Ontario? To break down 2 barriers: boredom and fear.

The Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services came to Cundari to create and launch a brand to highlight its educational work, aimed at helping Ontario consumers avoid scams and rip-offs.

We know that getting people’s attention for an educational message is tough. We also know that it’s natural to put up a barrier to something negative.

The creative strategy was to use a puppet character, Sheldon, whose naïve format and funny nature is both entertaining and disarming. The content strategy was to pinpoint specific consumer concerns (e.g. door to door water heater sales, gym contracts, home renos) and draw attention to information to avoid problems at the website.

The campaign rolled out in TV and digital media, with content extended through social media.

We developed the name and graphic assets for the new brand. We also developed the creative platform and creative assets for integration across multiple platforms.

Initial consumer feedback:

“I am happy to see this video educating people on how to deal with these miscreants.  They will outright lie and tell you that they are from your power company and that the water heater upgrade is both necessary and legally required…” 

“thank you for this information! !! well need!” 

The campaign continues to roll out, addressing consumer's key needs.