Employee engagement

MTS Allstream was a trailblazer, launching an employee engagement social media tool.  They came to Quizative to create this digital experience.


Connect employees across a multi-regional, multi-campus corporation to increase employee engagement.


Give employees a voice through a social media online platform that gathers and nurtures their ideas.


  • Connects employees to propose and discuss ideas, building through ratings and forums, culminating in idea innovation and implementation.
  • Provides updates by subject matter experts as ideas are investigated and actioned, which in turn encourages additional commentary.
  • Shares success stories about implemented ideas.


The launch was a huge success, revealing pent up demand from MTS Allstream employees across the organization:

  • Ideas posted were 40% above target.
  • Ideas put into action were 26% above target.
  • Idea Factory contributed to an increase in employee engagement (with overall engagement increasing dramatically to 80%).

*Source: Hewitt Associates’ 2010 Best Employers in Canada study.

**Source: [http://www.2012socialbusinessstudy.com