Jamieson Vitamins takes the high road

Jamieson is the most trusted natural-source vitamin and supplement brand in Canada, with close to 30% market share.  They came to Quizative to relaunch their brand in mass advertising and digital.


Defend the brand against competitors’ value pricing while not compromising on quality to meet those prices.


  • Canadian women who buy supplements care about what they put into their bodies, and are concerned about quality because of the many recent headlines about poor quality ingredients in food and other ingestible products.
  • Product truth: Jamieson takes the high road and goes to the ends of the earth to ensure the quality of the natural ingredients in their supplements.


Develop a creative platform that clearly stakes a claim to Jamieson’s point of difference:

  • Jamieson invests in sourcing the purest ingredients to deliver pure product.
  • Tagline developed: Purity is PricelessTM


Multimedia including TV, website, print, retail, PR.


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