Marketers disappointing consumers, digitally

89% of consumers think brands are NOT effectively converging digital, mobile, social and traditional channels. 

WARC reports on new study findings from Accenture, which found that:

  • Only 11% strongly agree that companies are using digital, mobile, social and traditional well.
  • 24% want more digital interactions with brands.

The top 3 complaints are:

  • Failure to resolve an issue quickly (86%).
  • Lengthy hold times (85%).
  • Dealing with company representatives who cannot answer questions (84%). 

Marketers are struggling with competing priorities in digital. While consumers are using digital in ways that are relevant to brands (e.g. 80% seek reviews before buying*), marketers are struggling to make sense/priority out of digital and especially social:

  • Half of C-suite don't value social media.*
  • 85% of companies don't connect social activity to business outcomes.*

*Infographic and data from Veronica Maria Jarski via Marketing Profs.

Allison LauxComment